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The Main Function Of Surfactant

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2017

1) emulsification: surface tension due to oil in the water, when the water drops in the oil, stirring, oil is crushed into a fine bead and mixed into emulsion, but stirring stops again layering. If adding surfactant, Swish, it is difficult for a long time after the end hierarchical, that is emulsified.
2) wetting: tend to stick on the surface with a layer of wax, grease or scale-like substances, these substances are hydrophobic, due to the pollution of these substances, parts of the surface is not easy to be wetted by water, when added to aqueous surfactant, drops it is easy to spread on the part, so that part of the surface tension is greatly reduced, achieve the objective wetting.
3) solubilization: adding surfactants to oils, to "dissolution", but this solution only in the surfactant concentration gel critical concentration is reached, size according to the solubilization and properties of solubility to decide.
4) dispersion: solid particles such as dust and dirt particles more easily together, prone to subsidence in the water, Surfactant molecules to make solid particle aggregates into fine particles to make it disperse suspended in solution, and play the role of solid particles dispersed.
5) bubble role: bubble of formed main is activity agent of directed adsorption role, is gas liquid two-and-of surface tension reduced due to, General low molecular activity agent easy sent bubble, polymer activity agent bubble less, cardamom acid yellow hair bubble sex highest, stearic acid sodium sent bubble sex worst, anion activity agent sent bubble sex and bubble stability than non-ion type good, as alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium sent bubble sex is strong.