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The Application Of Alkyl Glucoside Is More And More Extensive

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

Alkyl glucoside is a kind of mild and new nonionic surfactant with good performance and wide application.

Alkyl glucoside is a new type of green surfactant which is commercialized in the 90 's.

Alkyl glucoside has excellent environmental adaptability and represents a new generation of surfactant with good ecology and important characteristics.

The alkyl glucoside (APG or CIGI) is a surfactant, the c4~c6 is the surfactant, the nutmeg acid isopropyl ester is used as the oil phase, and the microemulsion system is obtained with water. In this paper, Alkyl Polyglucoside the quasi ternary phase diagram and δ-γ phase diagram of the microemulsion system of alkyl glucoside with different alkyl chain lengths were studied under the action of alcohols with different alkyl chains, Alkyl Polyglucoside and some important parameters of the Microemulsion interface were calculated with HLB equation. It is found that the use of alcohols with longer carbon chains and the APG with longer carbon chains are beneficial to the formation of single-phase and medium phase microemulsion, and this is explained, and the most efficient system of single-phase microemulsion is determined.

Using alkyl glucoside (APG or CICJ) as surfactant, and using 1, 2-suberate alcohol as additive, Alkyl Polyglucoside the isopropyl ester of nutmeg acid was used as oil phase to obtain microemulsion system. The effects of alkyl glucoside, temperature and electrolyte on the phase diagram of microemulsion were measured, and the difference between the microemulsion system containing 1, 2-suberate alcohol and the microemulsion system containing other short chain fatty alcohols was compared. Based on the 8-r phase diagram and the HLB equation, Alkyl Polyglucoside some important parameters of the microemulsion system are calculated, and the effects of APG alkyl chain length, temperature, electrolyte and alcohols on the microemulsion efficiency and interfacial membrane composition of the system are obtained and explained.