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Performance Of Alkyl Polyglucose

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

Alkyl polyglucoside is a compound of natural fatty alcohol with a carbon chain length of 12-20. Is a commonly used surfactant. Commonly used code APG.

APG can be stored in a large temperature range for a long time, at the same time, with a humidification function, in full compliance with the performance requirements of cosmetic active ingredients. APG has been made at home and abroad as an active ingredient cosmetics, these new cosmetics show good skin moisture and skin care performance. At present, there are still some quality problems in the body cleaning agent, Alkyl Polyglucoside the most serious of which is excessive toxic substances, such as Hg, Pb and As, not only seriously damaged the skin and hair, but also pollute the environment. APG as a base made of a new generation of shampoo and bath foam large, foam white, delicate, the skin has a soft effect on the eyes without stimulation, no pollution to the environment, Alkyl Polyglucoside hard water resistance is good, with good nursed back to health and Conservation function, especially suitable for the preparation of high-grade toiletries.

Alkylpolyglucosides In shampoos, since APG is irritating to the skin and eyes of the human body, it can also reduce the irritation of other active agents that are complexed with it, and thus are essential in low-stimulating shampoos and children's shampoos One of the raw materials, APG mild to protect the damaged hair can be used as an active agent for hair dyed, hot, Alkyl Polyglucoside and protein hydrolyzate after the combination of stereotypes with the commonly used stereotypes of a polyethylene Alkanone comparable, and easier to rinse. APG can be used to prepare a new generation of shampoo and bath, strong foam, foam delicate.

Alkyl Polyglucosides In skin cleansing products, APG has good safety, mildness, detergency, foaming and foam stability, compatibility and rheology. So commonly used in skin clean bath and facial cleanser and other products. In the bath lotion formula by adding a small amount of APG as a conditioning agent, Alkyl Polyglucoside wash will make the skin feel more comfortable.

Alkyl polyglucosides In hair condition, APG has a soft effect on the skin, no irritation to the eyes, good conditioning and curing effect on the hair.With the quaternary ammonium salt is conducive to improving the hair of the wet combing, and dry carding Sex basically unchanged. The addition of some oil to the conditioner, such as octyldodecanol, will further improve wet carding.

Cosmetics using APG as emulsifier to reduce the irritation of the formula to increase the formula moisturizing effect, Alkyl Polyglucoside improve the effectiveness of functional products such as the role of