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Functional Features Of APG1214

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

APG1214 is a nonionic surfactant in which the starting materials are glucose and fatty alcohols derived from renewable natural resources, so alkyl polyglycosides are fully biodegradable and such surfactants have their non-toxic , No stimulation and excellent surface activity.

Widely used in shampoo, shower, tableware detergent, cosmetics with emulsifiers, food, pharmaceutical additives.

APG1214 mild performance, the human body to stimulate the small, APG1214 the skin has a soft effect on the eyes without stimulation, with good ecological compatibility, widely used in personal care and home washing; shampoo, shampoo, washing liquid, facial cleanser, shower gel, etc. Cosmetics and transparent soap, laundry detergent, detergent and other daily detergent and other fields, especially in the field of infant cosmetics has been recognized by consumers.

Because APG1214 does not rinse, no spots and other characteristics, APG1214 especially suitable for tableware detergent, hard surface cleaning and other fields.

APG1214 at room temperature storage, a small amount of solid precipitation or appearance of muddy because of the impact of magnesium oxide and high PH value, this turbidity of the product performance without a negative impact. With the PH value is transferred to neutral turbidity will disappear.

APG1214 combines the traditional nonionic surfactants and anionic surfactant functional characteristics, with excellent surface activity and foaming ability, strong detergency and no cloud point, no gel phenomenon. Excellent compatibility, good synergistic effect, the skin is not irritating, non-toxic, APG1214 can be completely biodegradable, non-polluting the environment, is a new generation of green surfactants. Has been used for washing, emulsifying, foam stabilizing, foaming, dispersing, thickening, solubilizing, moisturizing and moisturizing and other functional products. It is widely used in many fields such as washing industry, cosmetic industry, food processing industry, pesticide, medicine, paper industry, fiber and textile industry, plastic industry and so on. It is an alternative product of traditional surfactant such as LAS and AES.