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Decyl Glucoside Production Methods

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 08, 2017

1) direct glycosidation method (direct or one-step)
Synthesized from glucose and decanol, reacts in the presence of catalysts for direct process of decyl glucoside, called one-step decyl glucoside synthesis process. In the course of the reaction, the general use of acid catalyst in reactions carried out under vacuum condition, decyl alcohol required in excess of reactants, after the reaction under high vacuum to remove unreacted decanol, then diluted bleaching treatment.

2) rotating Glycoside method (indirect or two steps)
Glucose is first and C2~4 of short chain alcohols in the presence of acid catalysts, 80~120℃ react to form a short carbon chain glucoside, Glycoside with decanol transfer reaction, growing chain of decyl glucoside, under high vacuum to remove excess decanol obtained degree of polymerization (d, p) for decyl glucoside of 1.3~2.5 products.