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Characteristics Of Alkyl Glucoside

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Alkyl glucoside is a new type of nonionic surfactant, which has the properties of ordinary non-ionic and anionic surfactants, and usually manufactures more than 50% and 70% of aqueous solutions, usually in colorless to yellowish viscous liquid or creamy cream (winter). Pure alkyl glucoside is brown or amber flake solid, easy to absorb moisture. Alkyl glucoside is soluble in water and soluble in common organic solvents, Alkyl Polyglucoside which exhibits excellent compatibility, stability and surface activity in acid and alkaline solution, Alkyl Polyglucoside especially in active solvents with higher inorganic composition. The alkyl glucoside can be completely biodegradable in nature and will not form a biodegradable metabolite, thus avoiding new pollution to the environment.

Alkyl glucoside is a new type of nonionic surfactant, which has the properties of ordinary non-ionic and anionic surfactants, and usually manufactures more than 50% and 70% of aqueous solutions, Alkyl Polyglucoside usually in colorless to yellowish viscous liquid or creamy cream (winter). Pure alkyl glucoside is brown or amber flake solid, easy to absorb moisture.

Alkyl glucoside is soluble in water and soluble in common organic solvents, which exhibits excellent compatibility, stability and surface activity in acid and alkaline solution, Alkyl Polyglucoside especially in active solvents with higher inorganic composition.

The alkyl glucoside can be completely biodegradable in nature and will not form a biodegradable metabolite, thus avoiding new pollution to the environment.

Toxicological properties: The experimental results show that the alkyl glycoside is not irritating and the oral acute toxicity is very low, which should belong to the basic non-toxic.

Alkyl glucoside is made from glucose and fatty alcohols under the condition of acidic catalysts, which is usually composed of a mixture of single glycoside, glucoside, glycoside and glycoside, Alkyl Polyglucoside so it is also called alkyl polysaccharide glycoside. The synthesis of different alkyl glycoside from synthetic route has Koenigs_knorr reaction, direct glycoside, glucoside, enzymatic catalysis, original ester, Alkyl Polyglucoside and alcohol solution of sugar ketone.

Use of alkyl glucoside

1. Application in detergent

Alkyl glucoside is non-toxic, the skin stimulation is small, safe, thickening, increasing viscosity, decontamination power is remarkable. Using alkyl glucoside to replace part AES, LAS, 6501, AEO, plain Add, K12, AOS confecting meal lotion, bath lotion, shampoo products, hard surface cleaning agent, cleanser, washing powder, etc., the effect is remarkable. The detergent made from alkyl glucoside has good solubility, mild and degreasing ability, and is small in skin stimulation, non-toxic and easy to rinse. Alkyl Polyglucoside The addition of alkyl glucoside in detergent, instead of AEO and LAS, can maintain the original washing performance, its mild, hard water resistance and the washing of the cortex fouling obviously improved, and also have softness, antistatic and shrink-proof, Alkyl Polyglucoside and can improve the composition of the solids content, good flow performance, not only can save energy effectively, At the same time, it can increase the production of units and reduce the cost. In addition, disinfection, reduce stimulation, foam white and delicate characteristics. Alkyl glucoside is stable in alkali, strong acid and high concentration electrolyte, Alkyl Polyglucoside the corrosion is small, and easy biodegradation does not cause pollution to the environment, so it can be used in the field of industrial cleaning agent, such as metal cleaning, industrial washing bottle and transportation tool cleaning. In traditional tableware washing, las/aeo or AES are the main components, also need to add more toxic solvents to improve solubility and mild, resulting in the degreasing force is not strong, las/alkyl glucoside mixture performance excellent synergistic effect, foam superior to a single component, good resistance to the skin, gentle, Alkyl Polyglucoside Feel comfortable after use, easy to rinse without leaving traces. Alkyl glucoside can not only be used as an auxiliary surfactant, but also is more suitable for the main surface activity of dishwashing detergent. In liquid detergent, the substitution of alkyl glucoside for partial AES and LAS can be used to clean all kinds of fabrics, Alkyl Polyglucoside effectively removing dirt and oil, and having soft, antistatic and shrink-proof function, which still has remarkable effect in hard water.

Based on alkyl glucoside surfactant, with anionic surfactant 12 alkyl benzene sulfonate (LAS) and 6501, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (aeo 19) Nonionic surfactant and other complex toilet detergent, decontamination effect is significant, in line with the environmental labeling product technology for cleaning agent requirements. Alkyl Polyglucoside Alkyl Glucomannan is used as a toilet cleaner to effectively protect the rubber and plastic parts of the toilet.

2. Application in Cosmetics

The alkyl glucoside can be deposited for a long time in the larger temperature range, and has the function of humidification, which fully conforms to the performance requirements of the active components of cosmetics. Alkyl glucoside has been made into cosmetics at home and abroad, and this kind of new cosmetics shows good skin moisturizing and skin curing performance. At present, there are still some quality problems in the human body cleaning agent, the most serious of which are toxic substances containing exceeding the standard, such as HG, Pb and as, Alkyl Polyglucoside which not only seriously damage the skin and hair, but also pollute the environment. The new generation of shampoo and bath soap with alkyl glucoside as the base agent is foaming force, foam white, delicate, soft effect on the skin, no irritation to the eyes, no pollution to the environment, good resistance to hard water, good aftercare and maintenance function, especially suitable for the preparation of high-grade toiletries.

In shampoos, because the alkyl glucoside has no irritating effect on the skin and eyes of the human body, it can also reduce the irritation of other active agents, Alkyl Polyglucoside so it is one of the essential ingredients in low stimulation shampoo and child shampoo. The mild nature of alkyl glucoside has protective effects on damaged hair, which can be used as an active agent for hair dyeing and ironing, and after blending with protein hydrolysate, the stereotyped properties can be compared with that of the commonly used stereotypes, such as polyethylene (PVP), and more easily rinsed. The new generation of shampoo and bath lotion can be prepared with alkyl glucomannan, and the foaming force is strong and the foam is exquisite.

In the skin cleaning products, because of the good safety, mild, decontamination, Alkyl Polyglucoside foaming and foam stability, Woose and rheological property of alkyl glucoside, it is often used in the skin clean bath and cleanser and other products. Adding a small amount of alkyl glucoside as a conditioner in the bath lotion recipe will make the skin feel more comfortable after washing.

In conditioner, the alkyl glucoside has the soft effect to the skin, has no stimulation to the eye, has the good recuperation and the maintenance function to the hair. Synergistic with quaternary ammonium salt is helpful to improve the wet grooming of hair, while the dry carding is basically unchanged. Adding some oil to the conditioner, such as Octyl 12, will further improve the wet grooming.

The use of alkyl glucoside as emulsifier in cosmetics has the effect of reducing the formulation, increasing the moisturizing effect of the formula and improving the efficiency of functional products.

3. Application in bio-chemical industry

Compared with nonionic surfactant, alkyl glucoside has the advantages of high critical micelle concentration, can be removed by dialysis, protein is not easy to denaturation, and ultraviolet light penetrating, so the alkyl glucoside has good effect on the biochemical field of membrane protein solubilization and re formation. Alkyl Polyglucoside At the same time, the alkyl glucoside can also be used for the refinement of cytochrome c, RNA polymerase, retinol and fatty acid, so that these proteins stabilize.

4. Application in food processing industry

The toxicological test of food showed that alkyl glucoside could be used as food emulsifying agent, preservatives, foaming agents and demulsifier, etc., in food manufacturing can make oil and water mixture dispersed, there are foaming, sugar and fatty acid polymerization, Alkyl Polyglucoside and to make food ingredients mixed evenly and improve food taste function. Alkyl glucoside and glycerol fatty acid ester, Alkyl Polyglucoside The same or similar properties of sucrose fatty acid esters and Sls fatty acid esters have a wide application prospect in food processing. Alkyl glucoside also has good hydrophilicity (hlb10~19), as food emulsifier, has solved the problem that our country food emulsifier only has lipophilic (hlb5~9) product, has increased the product variety.

5. Application in plastics and building materials auxiliaries

The application of alkyl glucomannan in plastic film can play a stable and flame-retardant effect, especially in fog. It is used as a new emulsifier for emulsion polymerization, and can get a variety of products with good properties. In concrete, alkyl glucoside can meet the requirements of rich, stable and uniform foam as a gas additive.

6. Application in Pesticide

The alkyl Glucomannan has good wetting and osmosis properties and is insensitive to high concentrations of electrolytes, biodegradable, not contaminated crops and land, and excellent moisture absorption characteristics, and the alkyl glucoside and polyoxyethylene nonionic surfactant is different from it has no reverse phase turbidity, can effectively reduce the surface tension of liquid medicine, delaying the evaporation of liquid water , long time to maintain the hydration of pesticide dissolved state, help to improve plant leaf face pesticide absorption rate and absorption, suitable for pesticide emulsifier, WP, insecticide, plant growth regulator, can adjust soil temperature, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides have a significant synergistic effect. It can also be used for nitrogen fixation in soil, and c8~c22 alkyl glucoside can be used as preservatives for the preservation of cereals, fish and meat products and flowers.

7. Application in Petroleum industry

Alkyl glucoside has the function of reducing water activity and changing the flow state of shale pore fluid, so it can be used as inhibitors. Adding to the drilling fluid has good lubricity, strong inhibition ability, strong anti-pollution ability and good reservoir protection effect. Alkyl glucoside can interact with other water-soluble polymers to achieve the best filtrate loss effect. It can widen the temperature limit range of natural polymer drilling fluid, and can be biodegradable, which is beneficial to environmental protection. In three oil recovery, the use of C12~C16 alkyl Glucomannan Complex solution for the body fluid, the effect is significantly enhanced, and water flooding, can improve the recovery rate of crude oil.

8, in the textile, printing and dyeing industry applications

Alkyl glucoside can be used in the textile industry of cotton crease-resistant agent, aqueous solution of powder dispersant and dust-proof agent. Alkyl glucoside is suitable for refining, dyeing and other processing, the solution is not easy to produce foam, can reduce the stain, especially for high-temperature refining agent, high-temperature dyeing dispersant and leveling agent. The alkyl glucoside is soluble in alkali solution, Alkyl Polyglucoside and it forms homogeneous solution in aqueous solution with NaOH mass fraction of 10%, which still keeps high activity in high concentration NaOH and high concentration sodium silicate solution. Short carbon chain alkyl glucoside is more soluble in alkali, suitable for the preparation of high alkaline liquid cleaning agent, such as high alkali scouring agent with 20% branched chain polyoxyethylene ether +10% of the alkyl glucoside +10% AES prepared from, its good permeability, decontamination performance is better. Textile printing and dyeing industry, if the silk fiber refining to remove the excessive sericin, will damage the strength of silk fiber, gloss and softness, Alkyl Polyglucoside if the addition of alkyl glucoside can prevent the refinement. Using alkyl glucoside as main component of active agent, Alkyl Polyglucoside adding all kinds of additives appropriately, developing the green Environmental protection type Triple-effective refining agent with no phosphorus and no alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, which can be used in the pretreatment process of cotton fabric with high efficiency and short process. The alkyl glucoside, the odd carbon alcohol derivative and the environment-friendly double oxidation stabilizer are the main raw materials, complex new environmental protection triple effective scouring agent, with strong alkali resistance, no turbidity point, less foam, no phosphorus, silicon and no alkyl phenol structure characteristics, thus reducing the pretreatment process of printing and dyeing wastewater discharge, can be widely used in cotton, Yarn knot and knitting, such as the short process of processing process, to help printing and dyeing enterprises, environmental cleaner production. Environmental-friendly high efficiency refining agents synthesized by alkyl glucoside and aliphatic amide ether succinate sulfonate as main surfactants not only have good penetrability, resistant to strong alkali, low foam, and green environmental protection, in the short process of good results in the process, Alkyl Polyglucoside can give textile products whiteness, hair efficiency of the improvement brings positive impact. Alkyl glucoside itself has a good product viscosity, can give textile auxiliaries themselves a certain viscosity, its viscosity can be compared with commonly used ethanolamine amine, and ethanolamine amine in the use of the production of nitrosamines, some countries have been restricted or banned, the use of c12~14 alkyl glucoside, no need to add adhesives, no adverse effects on the foam , nor does it produce pollution. Alkyl Glucomannan can also be used as a substitute for paraffin emulsifier in the textile industry.

9. Application in papermaking and fire fighting

Alkyl glucoside can improve the paper gluing effect, and other surfactants can produce excellent flotation deinking agent for waste paper. Alkyl glucoside is also widely used in fire fighting agents.

10. Application in Medicine

Alkyl glucoside has broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, has antibacterial activity to gram negative bacterium, the positive bacterium and the fungus, the alkyl glucoside 08~12, and increases the activity with the alkyl carbon atom number, therefore may make the hygienic cleaning agent. Alkyl Polyglucoside The combination of alkyl polysaccharide glycoside and Chinese herbal medicine, the use of its excellent compatibility and skin irritation and other excellent performance, can be used to produce the effect of the health care products. The derivatives of alkyl glucoside have broad prospects in pharmaceutical industry.