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Application Of Alkyl Polyglycoside

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 08, 2017

Alkyl polysaccharide glycosides surface tension low, and no cloud points, and HLB value can adjustable, and wet force strong, and to dirt force strong, and bubble rich delicate, and compatibility sex strong, and nontoxic, and harmless, and on skin no stimulus, biological degradation quickly completely, can and any type surfactant complex distribution, collaborative effect obviously, has strong of wide spectrum antibacterial activity, products increased heavy effect significantly, and easily diluted, and no gel rubber phenomenon, using convenient. And resistance to alkali, acids, strong resistance to hard water, salt.

Its can as wash sent shampoo, and bathing dew, and wash surface milk, and laundry liquid, and wash liquid, and tableware washing liquid, and vegetables fruit cleaning agent, daily chemical of main raw materials, also with in soap powder, and no p detergent, and no p detergent, synthetic detergents in the, can as food, and pesticide, and Silicon oil of emulsion dispersed agent; pesticides, and herbicide of increased effect agent; film anti-fog agent, and plastic additives; also for medicine, and bioengineering, and industrial cleaning, and fire pharmacy, and textile additives, and paint, and photographic material, and leather, and production, and dressing, and oak plastic, Energy and many other areas.