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APG0814 Has Antibacterial Activity

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

APG0814 instructions

 1, APG0814 has a soft effect on the skin, no irritation to the eyes, a good hair for a wide range of personal care and household detergents such as: shampoo, bath, facial cleanser, hand sanitizer and so on.

 2, APG0814 in high concentrations of strong acid, alkali and electrolytes have good solubility, permeability and compatibility, a variety of materials without corrosion, APG0814 after washing without trace and no stress cracking, suitable for home cleaning, Industrial hard surface cleaning, textile industry with alkali refining agent, oil extraction and other blowing agent.

 3, APG0814 At room temperature during the storage process, a small amount of solid precipitation or appearance of muddy because of magnesium oxide and high PH value of the impact of this turbidity on the product performance without any negative impact, with the PH value was transferred to neutral turbidity back disappear. APG0814 is made of APG0810 and APG1214, can be customized according to customer needs different ratio products, but also according to the special requirements of customers processed into different PH value and different viscosity products.

APG0814 low surface tension, HLB value adjustable, strong wetting, strong detergency, rich and delicate foam, compatibility, non-toxic, harmless, no stimulation of the skin, APG0814 biodegradable quickly and thoroughly, with any type of surfactant Complex, synergistic effect is obvious. Has a strong spectrum of antibacterial activity, product thickening effect is significant, easy to dilute, no gel phenomenon, easy to use. And resistant to alkali, resistant to strong acid, resistant to hard water, strong salt resistance. APG0814 It can be used as the main raw material of daily chemical such as shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, laundry liquid, hand sanitizer, tableware washing liquid, vegetable and fruit cleaning agent. Also used in soap powder, phosphorus-free detergent, APG0814 phosphorus-free detergent and other synthetic detergent. Can be used as food, pesticide, silicone oil emulsion dispersant; insecticide, herbicide synergist; plastic film anti-fog agent, plastic additives; can also be used for medicine, bio-engineering, industrial cleaning, fire medicine, textile auxiliaries , Paint, photographic materials, leather, oil, mineral processing, rubber, energy and other fields.