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APG0814 Good Foaming Property

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

APG0814 is a nonionic surfactant made from renewable plant materials, with low surface tension, good decontamination, good solubility, high temperature resistance, strong alkali resistance and high concentration electrolyte, good thickening effect; good compatibility, can be combined with a variety of ionic, non-ionic surfactants to produce synergistic effect, and can significantly improve the formulation of mild, foaming, foam rich, delicate, stable, APG0814 and good skin compatibility, non-toxic, no stimulation, rapid and complete biodegradation.

Instructions for use

1, APG0814 on the skin has a soft effect, no stimulation of the eyes, good for the hair is widely used in personal care and household detergent such as: Shampoo, bath lotion, facial cleanser, hand sanitizer.

2, APG0814 in high concentration strong acid, strong alkali and electrolyte with good solubility, permeability and compatibility, non-corrosive to a variety of materials, APG0814 no trace after washing and no stress cracking, suitable for household cleaning, industrial hard surface cleaning, textile industry with alkali-resistant refining agent, oil extraction foaming agent.

3, APG0814 at room temperature storage process, a small number of solids precipitation or appearance turbidity is due to MGO and high ph value of the effect, this turbidity on product performance no negative impact, as the ph value is transferred to neutral turbidity to disappear. APG0814 is a combination of APG0810 and APG1214, APG0814 can be customized according to customer needs of different product mix, but also according to the special requirements of customers processed into different ph value and viscosity of the products.