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Alkyl Polyglucosides Are Widely Used

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Alkyl polyglucoside is a mild, new nonionic surfactant with excellent performance and a wide range of applications.

Alkyl polyglucosides and horns consisting mainly of diallyl dialkylammonium and an amphoteric polymer selected from an acidic monomer of acrylic or methacrylic acid - more specifically human or skin- , And to a conditioning method for the use of such a composition for a horny substance.

The present invention more particularly relates to a washing or shampoo composition, Alkyl Polyglucoside and a hair care composition generally used after rinsing.

Shampoo compositions are generally formulated from anionic surfactants, Alkyl Polyglucoside or nonionic surfactants, or mixtures thereof, where amphoteric surfactants are present.

When used alone, these anionic surfactants or nonionic surfactants do not have good cosmetic properties, especially wet hairs are difficult to comb, and the hair is not smooth.

It has been suggested that cationic polymers and / or polysiloxanes be added to these detergent compositions in order to improve their cosmetic properties.

However, it has been demonstrated that cationic polymers do not exhibit optimum performance in anionic media due to the intermolecular interaction between the cationic polymer and the anionic surfactant, Alkyl Polyglucoside and there is sometimes a problem of the stability of the composition.

The addition of polysiloxanes to such solutions containing anionic surfactants or nonionic surfactants as the main ingredient also poses some problems, particularly at the formulation level, Alkyl Polyglucoside which also contributes to the stability of the composition Class problem.

It has also been proposed to add cationic polymers to detergent compositions containing alkyl polyglucosides. However, such compositions have a detergent that has a problem of removal during rinsing, which can cause dry hair to be soft enough and wet hair to comb.

It has been suggested in the past that cationic surfactants and / or cationic polymers are used in hair care compositions, but in the course of continuous use they have the disadvantages of accumulating on the hair and thus make the hair heavy There is an unpleasant touch.