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Alkyl Polyglucosides Are Effective In Saving Energy

Hugo New Materials (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

Alkyl polyglucoside as a surfactant, C4 ~ C6 formal alcohol as a co-surfactant, using isopropyl myristate as the oil phase, together with water to obtain microemulsion system. The pseudo-ternary phase diagram and δ-γ phase diagram of the microemulsion system with different alkyl chain lengths were studied. The microemulsion interface was calculated by HLB equation. Some important parameters. Alkyl Polyglucoside It was found that the use of long carbon chain alcohols and alkylpolyglucosides with longer carbon chains favored the formation of single phase and microemulsion in the medium phase, and explained the same, and determined the highest efficiency of single phase microemulsion system.

The properties of conventional nonionic and anionic surfactants are generally made in the form of 50% and 70% aqueous solutions, usually in the form of colorless to pale yellow viscous liquids or milky white pastes (winter). Pure alkyl polyglucosides are brown or amber flake solids, Alkyl Polyglucoside easy to absorb moisture. Alkyl polyglucosides are generally soluble in water, soluble in commonly used organic solvents, in acid, alkaline solution showed excellent compatibility, stability and surface activity, especially in the inorganic components of the higher active solvent. <U> Alkyl polyglucosides are biodegradable in nature and do not form biodegradable metabolites, thus avoiding new contamination of the environment. Non-toxic, small skin irritation, safety, Alkyl Polyglucoside thickening, thickening, significant detergency

It is effective to replace some parts of AES, LAS, 6501, AEO, flat plus, K12, AOS preparation lotion, bath, shampoo, hard surface cleaning agent, facial cleanser and detergent powder with alkyl polyglucoside. Detergents made from alkyl polyglucosides have good solubility, mildness and degreasing ability, are small, non-toxic and easy to rinse on skin irritation. In the detergent powder by adding alkyl polyglucoside, instead of AEO, LAS, can maintain the original washing performance, its mild, hard water resistance and cortical dirt washing significantly improved, and both soft, anti Electrostatic and shrink-proof, Alkyl Polyglucoside but also can improve the ingredients when the solid content, flow performance, not only can effectively save energy, but also can increase the unit time production and reduce costs. In addition, it also has sterilization, reduce the stimulation, the bubble white and so on.

Alkyl polyglucosides are stable in strong bases, strong acids and high concentrations of electrolytes, are less corrosive, and are prone to biodegradation without causing environmental pollution. They can therefore be used to form industrial cleaning agents such as metal cleaning, Alkyl Polyglucoside And transport cleaning areas. In the traditional dish washing is LAS / AEO or AES as the main component, need to add more toxic additives to improve the solubility and mildness, resulting in degreasing force is not strong, LAS / alkyl poly Glycoside mixture is excellent synergistic effect, the foam is better than a single component, good resistance to hard water, mild skin, feel comfortable after use, easy to rinse without leaving traces. Alkyl polyglucosides are not only useful as an auxiliary surfactant, Alkyl Polyglucoside but are also more suitable for use as a main surface activity in dishwashing detergents. LAS can be used for cleaning of various fabrics, effectively removing soil and oil, and has soft,

(LAS) and 6501, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (AEO-9) nonionic surfactants, etc., which are mainly composed of anionic surfactants such as sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (LAS) and 6501, Toilet with a detergent, decontamination effect is significant, in line with environmental labeling products on the requirements of cleaning agents. Alkyl polyglucosides are used as toilet cleaning agents to effectively protect the rubber and plastic parts of the toilet. Domestic and foreign alkyl polyglucoside has been made as an active ingredient cosmetics, Alkyl Polyglucoside these new cosmetics show good skin moisture and skin care performance. At present, there are still some quality problems in the body cleaning agent, the most serious of which is excessive toxic substances, such as Hg, Pb and As, not only seriously damaged the skin and hair, but also polluted the environment. Alkyl polyglucoside as a base made of a new generation of shampoo and bath foam, foam white, delicate, soft on the skin, no irritation to the eyes, no pollution to the environment, good resistance to hard water, with Good nursed back to health and conservation functions, especially suitable for the preparation of high-end toiletries.