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AgroPG 8105

AgroPG 8105

C8/10 Alkylpolyglucoside CAS-No.: 68515-73-1

Detailed description

AgroPG 8105

Chemical description

C8/10 Alkylpolyglucoside

CAS-No.: 68515-73-1

REACH Registration No.: 01-2119488530-36-0016

Product properties

Physical properties


light yellow viscous liquid

Solid Content(%)

58 - 62

Water (wt %)

38 - 42

pH Value (20% aq.)

11.5 - 12.5

Free Alcohol (wt %)


Viscosity (mPa·s),25°C

Approx. 2800

Sulfated Ash (wt %)


Degree of polymerization (D.P.)

Approx. 1.4



The relationship between viscosity and temperature is always an important point to consider when AgroPG 8105 is stored or shipped. This is shown in the following graphic:



Agrochemical formulations, adjuvant, potentiator

Additional information

AgroPG 8105 is because of its alkaline character (pH 11.5-12.5) well preserved. The product as well as its aqueous solutions are slightly turbid. When lowering the pH-value to 8.5 the turbidity disappears.

Below pH 11.5 the product is not preserved sufficiently, i.e. there has to be added an additional preservative.

Storage and Handling

Shelf Life: AgroPG 8105 can be stored in sealed original containers protected from frost and below 40 °C for at least 2 years.

Storage stability:

Storage temperature: 10 - 40 °C

Protect from temperatures below: 10 °C

Below the temperature limit, the product is no longer pumpable.

Protect from temperatures above: 50 °C

Above the temperature limit, product discoloration may occur.

Suitable materials for containers: High density polyethylene (HDPE), Low density polyethylene


Depending on the storage time sedimentation may occur. Therefore, the product should be heated and stirred until uniform before use. AgroPG 8105 has a high pH-value and for this reason the product contains no preservatives.

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