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AgroPG 8105-G

AgroPG 8105-G

C8/10 Alkylpolyglucoside CAS-No.: 68515-73-1

Detailed description

AgroPG 8105-G

Chemical description

C8/10 Alkylpolyglucoside

CAS-No.: 68515-73-1

REACH Registration No.: 01-2119488530-36-0016

Product properties

Physical properties


light yellow viscous liquid

Solid Content(%)

62 - 65

Water (wt %)

35 - 38

pH Value (20% aq.)

11.5 - 12.5

Free Alcohol (wt %)


Viscosity (mPa·s),40°C

500 - 1500

Sulfated Ash (wt %)


Degree of polymerization (D.P.)

Approx. 1.5



The relationship between viscosity and temperature is always an important point to consider when AgroPG 8105-G is stored or shipped. This is shown in the following graphic:



Agrochemical formulations, adjuvant, potentiator

It is an excellent wetting agent and dispersant suitable for various applications, especially for crop protection formulations.

AgroPG 8105-G offers the following benefits:

*Adjuvancy properties with aqueous and oil based active ingredients

*Enhanced systemic activity through non phytotoxic translocation

*Tolerant of high electrolyte tank miw solutions

*Improved tank mix compatibility

*Outstanding hydrotropic properties over a wide range of pH conditions

Additional information

AgroPG 8105-G is because of its alkaline character (pH 11.5-12.5) well preserved. The product as well as its aqueous solutions are slightly turbid. When lowering the pH-value to 8.5 the turbidity disappears.

Below pH 11.5 the product is not preserved sufficiently, i.e. there has to be added an additional preservative.

Storage and Handling

Shelf Life: AgroPG 8105-G can be stored in sealed original containers protected from frost and below 40 °C for at least 2 years.

Storage stability:

Storage temperature: 10 - 40 °C

Protect from temperatures below: 10 °C

Below the temperature limit, the product is no longer pumpable.

Protect from temperatures above: 50 °C

Above the temperature limit, product discoloration may occur.

Suitable materials for containers: High density polyethylene (HDPE), Low density polyethylene


Depending on the storage time sedimentation may occur. Therefore, the product should be heated and stirred until uniform before use. AgroPG 8105-G has a high pH-value and for this reason the product contains no preservatives.



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